Online Development Company Limited has the following customer service policies:


Policy for ordering goods and services
  1. The products and services of the company are correct and exactly as described on the website.
  2. Order process
    • Customers check details of products and services that customers are interested in.
    • Customers request quotations from https://www.chiangmai-webdesign.com/th/quote.html
    • Fill in the customer's contact information and select the products and services you would like the company to bid on.
  3. Price of products and services displayed on the website. Not including 7% VAT.
  4. Product and service guarantees
    • Products and services The company guarantees that the website will be 100% usable after the website is completed for a period of 1 year in the case that the customer makes a website with the company.
Payment policy
  1. Customers can make payments by transferring money through a bank account. You can see details at https://www.chiangmai-webdesign.com/th/payment.html
  2. Customer sends proof of payment to email. info@chiangmai-webdesign.com
  3. Customers can deduct 3% withholding tax and send documents to the company's address. The company will send the receipt back to the customer by post.
Return-exchange policy for products and services
Refund Policy
Privacy Policy
  1. The company will not release any information. with outsiders Except for government officials who have been ordered by the court.
  2. The company has kept a log file to show various usage information. of the computer system for a period of 90 years legally.
  3. The company reserves the right to change various policies. without having to inform users in advance.